Art has to be forgotten: beauty must be realized
(Piet Mondriaan)


Heleen van der Putt appeals to the viewer directly and immediately. Her work is an invitation to the eyes and nothing else is needed to appreciate it. Esthetics is her main concern. With no more than necessary, HvdP says a lot. The works speak. Driven by intuition and a basic sense of forms and colours, she creates work that cannot be caught in one style or movement.

Starting as a painter, at the Rietveld Academy Heleen van der Putt discovered photography as another means of expression. The language of the photos is similar to the way she paints. The eye decides. Her fascinations vary from ascetic environments to graphic forms to riotous settings like dogshows.

Heleen van der Putt's background is in communications copywriting. So she also knows how to use words to communicate in a straight and direct way. It's no wonder that HvdP adds text to her images in some exhibitions, for example in Fremdkörper (Cacaofabriek Helmond, 2004) and in GOud West (Amsterdam, 2009).